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Insurance Claims: Tips & Information

Click to download a PDF version of this info.When it comes to your home, any loss can be devastating. You will experience a much easier repair process by working together with your insurance company and Vesel Construction. Through the years, we have learned that these suggestions will help ensure that the process occurs as efficiently as possible:

  1. Contact your insurance carrier right away.
  2. Your safety is of primary concern; be sure to stay clear of any damaged areas.
  3. Keeping safety in mind, move furniture or other items of value to an unaffected area of your home to prevent further damage.
  4. Make a list of everything that has been damaged or destroyed for your insurance adjuster. Receipts, credit card statements, canceled checks, or owner’s manuals will be very helpful. The more information you can provide your insurance adjuster, the faster they can process your claim. You should consider storing these in a fireproof safe or box; or storing them off-site if possible.
  5. Do not try to clean damaged items. Cleaning damaged items without the proper equipment can do more harm than good.
  6. Save your receipts for any costs that you incur due to your loss (cleaning, water extraction, etc.,) as your insurance provider may reimburse you for those expenses.