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Our View on Insurance Restoration.....

Vesel Construction knows that disasters never occur with the luxury of advance warning. Our team responds to your call immediately to provide on-site, comprehensive assessment of the damage.  When your property is damaged, you need more than an ordinary contractor to rebuild or restore your life.  Our professionals will work with your insurance adjuster to customize an efficient plan that allows you to get back to normal as rapidly as possible.  For the best rebuilding experience and results, it makes sense to select a contractor with 36+ years of insurance restoration experience.  

Vesel Construction focuses on insurance restoration and is a leader in the field.  We have formed excellent working relationships with insurance adjusters, and work with them to get your claim settled expediently and your restoration project on its way.  Whether the damage occurred from fire, water, wind, ice, or other disasters, we are experts at cleanup, repair, and rebuilding.  Insurance companies know our reputation, and count on us for our accuracy and honesty. You will experience a much easier repair process by working together with your insurance company and Vesel Construction due to our years of building relationships. Our experienced team will create a detailed line-item estimate and achieve an agreed price with your insurance company to ensure a smooth construction process. We pride ourselves in being equipped to guide homeowners through the myriad of details that come with unexpected property damage. Our experience in supporting families and businesses dealing with the emotional toll that follows a major loss allows us to help to reduce the anxiety that naturally occurs during these uncertain times.

Our experts will be with you throughout the restoration process, providing you the support you need as your property is restored and life returns to normal.