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Typical Claim Job Flow

Photo of a fire and smoke-damaged house during Vesel Construction restoration.

  1. Vesel Construction is contacted either by the homeowner or insurance carrier, and informed of the damages that have occurred.
  2. An appointment is made with the homeowner, and Vesel Construction inspects your home to assess the damages.
  3. Once the insurance company has approved the needed work, a scope of work (estimate repairs) is composed and presented to the homeowner and insurance adjuster.
  4. Once the scope of work has been approved, a work authorization is signed and Vesel Construction can begin work.
  5. Photo of a fire and smoke-damaged house during Vesel Construction restoration.Typically the homeowner will pay their insurance deductible directly to Vesel Construction. In many cases the check(s) from your insurance carrier will be made payable to both the homeowner(s), Vesel Construction, and the mortgage company. In cases such as this it can take several days for all parties to sign off on the check and the funds made available. These situations can delay the start of your construction. In addition, if Vesel Construction is performing additional work, (work for which the insurance provider will not be paying,) a 33% deposit is required on the start date, an additional 33% at mid-point, and the final 34% upon completion of your project.

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